Welcome to the site for Three Shires Ferret Rescue and Welfare. I am Chrissy Hillyard and I run the rescue and rehoming scheme.


Three Shires Ferret Rescue came into being on June 14th 2007, before then I had been rescuing, repairing and looking after ferrets for at least 15 years. My ferrets come in from Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire and Leicestershire (hence the name Three Shires), usually via the RSPCA, although I get many un-neutered hobs (male) from the general public in spring when the breeding season begins, they do their best to escape to find an attractive jill (female) to breed with and produce anything between 2 and 16 kits (baby ferrets).  A ferret does not have a very good homing instinct and therefore they get lost.  This is why all the ferrets that leave Three Shires Ferret Rescue are neutered, distemper vaccinated and micro chipped.

I have always got ferrets for rehoming, I do my best to make sure that they are friendly and that they know humans are friendly, therefore there is no need to bite, although they can nip playfully when excited, this is no more painful than a puppy nip!


Ferrets are lovely little animals, they are intelligent, friendly, very funny and make adorable pets. they can live up to 10 years although 8 is average. They love human company and will give their owners many hours of entertainment.  All they want in return is a safe home, plenty of good food and lots of love and cuddles.

All of the ferrets I rehome go as pets or sometimes working pets, potential homes will be checked to see that the right accommodation is available.  Because they are active creatures they need plenty of room to run about in so therefore I don't let people just put them into little hutches, it is cruel they need space and stimulation ie. tubes to play in and balls to chase, bags to ambush each other in, and they just love to laze about in a hammock.

Lots of people keep them in the house as house pets, they are quite easy to litter tray train, they usually pick their place to go and that is where you put the litter tray, the deeper the better, ferrets just love to have a little dig in the litter which will go everywhere if the tray is shallow. ( I found that one out!) You can just use paper which can be picked up and discarded when the ferrets have finished playing.


I recommend James Wellbeloved Ferret Complete Food, they also like a drink of kitten milk (this is lactos free and therefore doesn't upset their tummies). My rescues also get day old chicks twice a week as a treat, but this isn't essential, my own pets like prawns and honey roast ham and just adore ice cream.

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