People have divided ideas of where to keep their ferrets. Some prefer them to be outside in large sheds with runs and some like them as indoor companion animals with playtime out of their housing and plenty of human interaction. Even if a ferret is kept indoors and has plenty of 'out time' their housing still needs to be fairly large and not cramped up.


You have seen examples of suitable outdoor housing on our other pages so here are some examples of suitable indoor housing.

This is the minimum requirements an indoor ferret needs. In accommodation like this your ferret would need to be free running more than in their 'house' as they would soon get 'stir crazy' if they did not get ample play time. This is more a sleeping quarters than actual housing. It would be ideal if you had a dedicated 'ferret room'.

This is a nice sturdy two-tier home. There is plenty of room for the ferret to live and play if you happen to be unable to give your ferret constant 'out time'. There is room for toys, beds, litter and it is a self contained ferret flat - all the basic needs for your average pair of ferrets (because you shouldn't have just one - it is against ferret maths to have just one!)

Here is housing that is adaptable. It is just one basic unit with moveable shelves so you can have them where you want them and occasionally change your ferrets house around so it doesn't get boring (like we move the furniture). As you can see, it has play tubes and running around space but even this does not compensate for 'out to play time'.

These are just a few examples of what is available on the market for housing your ferret. There are loads more. Often it is worth looking at places like ebay and gumtree (but for cages only - not for ferrets) to see what is available as pre-used. However, if you buy or are given any pre-used ferret equipment, always make sure you clean it thoroughly before using it for your own ferrets as you would not want to put them at any risk from germs. Use an approved ferret disinfectant (what experts suggest is safe for ferrets) and make sure everything is completely air-dried before use.


Three Shires are always happy to advise you on what is suitable and safe for your ferret. Do contact us via our contact page if you need any further advice.

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