Ferrets come in a variety of colours and it seems that many ferret lovers have their favourites. Here are some of the colours that ferrets come in (although obviously, every ferret is different)



The standard polecat should have very light under fur with brown or black guard hairs. They have a bandit type mask and usually a small light bib. There are no white mitts or blazes.



A darker under fur and a very dark coat usually black or very dark brown. They have a solid colour nose to tail. Sometimes there is a white chin. Black nose. (Watch out if offered a dark polecat. It has been known for some to be dyed to look very dark)



A white coat (which can be apricot in colour occasionally) with pink/ruby eyes and a pink nose. Some people dislike the albino because of the pink eyes but they are as adorable as any other.



Some people claim that DEW are not truly white but are very light silvers. Some are pure white and some do have a few silver guard hairs.



Silvers have a white underfur with light grey or silver guard hairs. They have light to dark body hair with pink, black or mottled noses. Silver mitts have 4 white feet.



Sandy's have a white or cream under fur. They have biscuit coloured legs, shoulders, tail and mask. Sandy mitts have 4 white feet. There are also dark sandy's which have more biscuit coloured guard hairsdown their back



This covers all of the other ferrets including blazes and pandas. Blazes have a white streak on the top of their head running front to back. Panda's have an almost completely white head extending down their neck and throat. Some may have eye rings.

It is thought that 75% of Blazes, Panda's. DEW and Mitts are deaf and it is associated with Waardenburg syndrome. If you think that your ferret is unable to hear then please seek expert advice. Although they may have special needs that will not make them any less loveable.

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