Ferrets are the most delightful pets.  They are playful, inquisitive, boisterous and they love humans.  they will live happily indoors or out.  They are brilliant stress busters, it doesn't matter how down you are feeling when you get your little furriers out to play you will soon be smiling at their antics and you will also find them irresistible, you just can't help picking them up for a cuddle.

Ferrets and small children do not mix! Children squeeze and pinch, ferrets bite in retaliation, children drop the ferret, the ferrets gets broken legs etc. For these reasons we do not re-home to homes with small children.  A ferret will nip their human companions in play as they do their ferret friends - a playful nip is OK.


Ferrets generally get on with other pets such as cats and dogs, although some terriers that are bred for ratting wouldn't be suitable companions, I have 2 cats and 13 ferrets in my house, the cats play for a while and then get fed up and jump out of the way. The 2 dogs keep out of the way. Don't try and mix your pet mice and rats with ferrets, they will kill them.  I wouldn't try them with rabbits or guinea pigs.

We don't re-home ferrets to rabbit hutches without good sized ferret proof runs, an ideal outside home for your ferret is a small adapted shed with a run attached to the outside, ours have catflaps from the shed to the run.  Ferrets are very intelligent and playful and will need lots of stimulation to keep them happy, an assortment of tubes for chasing through, balls with bells in, a cardboard box filled with shredded paper or bark, an old pair of trousers, a pile of old clothes (good for ambushing) the list is endless.  Even though your pets are housed outdoors they will still need human company every day they love being gently handled and cuddles, a game of chase is great fun too.

If you are keeping your pets indoors a two storey ferret cage is ideal with a litter tray that needs cleaning out at least once a day. A hammock makes a lovely soft bed for them to sleep in while you are out.  When you are in and they are up it hard to resist them, they will look at you as if to say "is it playtime"


You can easily litter tray train them, they usually pick their spot, you pick up the poo put it in the litter tray and hopefully that is all there is to it. Expect a home visit, it is important for us to be satisfied that you have the correct housing for your pets.

Our ferrets are in good health when they leave us, they are all neutered and micro-chipped.  If you are taking on an old ferret or one with an existing medical condition we will make this clear before adoption.  It is up the new owner to carry on with any veterinary treatment or medication required.  It is advisable to register your new pets with a ferret friendly vet when you get them, they are quite tough little animals but they do sometimes get abscesses and cuts and bumps after a session of rough play with their companions. A useful thing to remember is that quite often " a still ferret is an ill ferret".  We now vaccinate all of our ferrets against canine distemper and recommend that you get yours done too. Canine distemper can be fatal in the majority of ferret cases.

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