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Not all rescue stories are cute and fluffy tales...


6th November 2012


A Harrowing Tale as told by Mia Baker


The following tale is an account by Chrissy's friend Mia of events that happened on 5th November (bonfire night and blessings that these ferrets weren't still out last night). Let Mia take up the tale as Chrissy is too modest to tell it herself...


Yesterday, a woman went round her brothers house. Her brother had upped and left a few days before and she thought she had better go round there and take a look. She went round the back and saw two cages. She got out her phone and called the RSPCA.


The lady from the RSPCA went round to the house. She went round the back, looked, got the brothers sister to sign some documents, put the cages in the back of her van and sat in the front and cried. She then took out her phone and called Chrissy Hillyard of The Three Shires Ferret Rescue. "Can you help?" she asked. "Of course" said Chrissy. The lady drove to Chrissys house, unloaded the cages, took them in the house and both ladies looked, and then cried.


One was a show cage. It had been outside in the pouring rain and freezing cold for days. It had a piece of sodden wet through cardboard as a roof, useless. Inside there were two tiny albino kits. There was no bed, no food and no water. Absolutely soaked to the skin. Laying in their own mess. Cold, wet, starving and traumatised. Traumatised because also inside had been their dead mother. (The RSPCA lady had removed her). The phone call had come too late for her. She had looked after her kits the best as she was able under the conditions but could struggle on no more. Imagine how she must have felt?


The other was a hamster cage. In this was the father of this poor little family. The same conditions. No bed, no food, no water, soaked through. He must have been able to see this happening to his partner and babies and was powerless to do anything about it. He couldn't try to shield them from the rain, couldn't give them any food, couldn't comfort his dying mate.

I know this makes terrible reading, I myself am crying as I write this. I cried when Chrissy rang me last night and told me. She herself cried all afternoon whilst seeing to these little mites. The reason I am telling you all this is because Chrissy is too quiet about what she does, she doesn't say what she sees come through her rescue and because she quietly goes about trying to save these shattered souls I think she gets a little bit 'forgotten'. When I spoke to her last night, the kits and the Dad (also an Albino) were warm and dry with their bellies full. They are all in cosy beds and she was just giving them warm milk. The kits were extremely frightened, hissing when she went near them, hardly surprising, but they are safe now and will never be hungry again. They are all going to the Vets today to start their treatment. I feel helpless, I can't get hold of the bloke and make him pay for what he has done to this little family, I can't bring the mother back as much as I want to.

Here are the two kits safe now in Chrissy's excellent care

All I can do is try to raise a little money for their treatment. Chrissy is totally self funded, she wont ask for help but I will. I will be sending some, can any of you add to it? I know these are hard times but really, a pound/dollar, it all adds up. If any of you can Chrissys Paypal is Please put a note on it saying 'For the little family'.


Thank you ♥

29th October 2012

Chrissy with Frankie and Hayley the Ferrets on the Nick Coffer Lunchtime Show on BBC Three Counties Radio 29th October 2012

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